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Wow, I really am working hard to destroy my credibility here.

Yes, I know, it’s Nsync. (Or should that be NSync? N’Sync? I’ve no idea.) But it appeals to me. Those poor, fragile little guys, running around trying to break their strings and escape their tormentor, summoning up the courage to leave her because they ‘can’t take it no more’, despite their uncertainty that they can ‘make it alone’.

(Plus – going after a guy with attack dogs? Yeah, baby.)

What’s up with my head? Really?

I always seem to love any kind of dynamic where a guy is behaving in a way traditionally associated with women. Not a guy pretending to be a woman – this is a crucial distinction – but a guy, being a guy, but in an emotional role traditionally ascribed to women. For example, I loved the relationship between Elliot and Keith in Scrubs, where she was all about the crazy fantasy sex and he was the one wounded by her lack of interest in emotional intimacy. (Though actually I most loved that relationship when all was happy; when he was perfectly happy to let her call the shots. I never felt he was in any sense ‘wimpy’. He wasn’t suppressing anything. He was just happy to let her call the shots. Some people prefer to follow.) Or the relationship between Alan Shore and Denny Crane in Boston Legal, which is not remotely sexual, but is profoundly intimate, in a way that women’s friendships are expected to be and men’s friendships are expected not to be. I find that very attractive.

I think this is one of the reasons I love slash. I mean, obviously there’s the whole guy-on-guy thing, which is just hot. But there’s also a tendency for characters in slashfic to be more emotionally motivated, more visible vulnerable, than male characters in the mainstream. And that really presses my buttons.

How all this sits with the whole ‘big tough guy who fights you hard’ thing I don’t know. Is it different sides of the same coin? Or genuinely different things? My head is a confusing place. But hey, that’s the point of thie blog: to try and develop some kind of roadmap.

Incidentally, NSync definitely fit into my pretty, powerless young boys box. I’d take them in, poor lambs. Then go after them with dogs, laughing maniacly, when they tried to escape me.


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