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My Christmas present came early this year – I’ve been snowed in at a friend’s house with a few people, including one very beautiful young man who’s spent a lot of time running around in his underwear. I confess I’ve been mildly sexually harrassing him.

Even more fun, one of the girls teaches this, and has been flying us. I wish I could find a good picture to show you. It’s a bit like when you were little and adults would ‘fly’ you on their feet, only with therapeutic stuff built in. Imagine a tiny, petite woman lying on the floor, with a grown man (a beautiful young man) stretched out face down over her hands and feet – essentially, he’s stretched out the way he would be if he were hanging by his arms, with his chest extended, his stomach pulled in – and she has him raise his arms over his head (this is horizontal at this point), bend them at the elbows, and join his hands, so that his forearms are now pointing down his back, and his hands are in a praying position. It was incredibly powerful – this tiny woman effortlessly manipulating a man’s body as if it weighed nothing, him all stretched out and completely dependent on her. Total trust. A kind of submission, really. A kind of bondage, even.

This is the closest picture I could find, except that in this picture the flyer’s body is angled downwards, in the pose I’m talking about the base’s hands were raised so that the flyer is stretched out horizontally and the spine is curved and extended, and of course the arms bent back over the spine really adds some extra punch. Annoyingly all the pictures on the interweb seem to have make bases and female flyers – it’s a totally different experience the other way round.

Not so fun was an odd little moment one morning. For various reasons I’d ended up sharing a bed with the pretty young man (I was very well behaved), and the next morning I made some quip about how he was tired because he’d been fighting me off all night. I’m sure you can imagine the scenario that was in my head – me pinning him down and molesting him, and him struggling to break free. I quickly discovered that what I said created a totally different image in the minds of my friends – the jokes they made in response were all about a scenario where I was pleading with the PYM to have sex with me. It’s so messed up – for most people, a woman actively pursuing sex equates to her being desperate and powerless. Stupid fucking society. There seems to be no way to get away from the rule that a woman’s power lies in saying no – that men must pursue and women must run. How can we get people to see these things differently?


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