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You’ll have to forgive me, I really am in fangirl mode at the moment – I just saw the HBP trailers the other day, and the new Harry/Draco promo shots which are spawning a new wave of fanart, and I’ll all overcome with slashy joy.

Geek pride, my friends.

HBP was so great for H/D shippers. Plus, you know, Draco Malfoy terrified for his life and his family’s, stripped of his swagger, set an impossible task, trying and failing to bring himself to kill, totally breaking down and crying big fat tears in the bathroom, so lonely and frightened and desperate that he turned to the ghost of the world’s most annoying muggleborn girl just to have someone to cry at. Desperation. God, I love desperation. When it comes in a pretty blond package, so much the better. And tears. God, I hope Tom Felton can do the tears.

Anyway, as I haven’t posted any video for a while I thought I’d share this rather lovely compilation of beautiful young men kissing. You’re going to want to turn the sound off – the music really interferes with the ability to lap up the boy-on-boy action.

And why have I posted three times in one day? Because there’s a scary piece of official paperwork I’m supposed to be filling in.


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As YouTube stymied my naked-bloody-Wolverine plans (we’ll see if Yahoo video are less fussy), today I present for your delectation pretty men getting it on in a puddle.

The plot, if you care, is that pretty man A is an assassin and was hired to grab pretty man B and bring him back to be killed. But when he got him back to his boss, A discovered that B wasn’t a wrong’un, but was being killed because he had helped the police. A promptly had a fit of conscience, and helped B escape instead, getting shot in the process. The two went into hiding, and B has been nursing A back to health (that’s right, Ranat, hurt and healing), despite A’s attempts to drive him away. Many longing glances have been cast surreptitiously by both parties. I’ve included a few at the start for mood. Or something.

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